Connecting Westerners and Chinese companies

Delegations to Israel

We offer our vast range of connection in Israel. Government, Chamber of Commerce, Chief scientist of Israel, Israeli Export Institute, and key members of the industries and research institutes.

We already accompanied several delegations to meet with the Israeli industry and institutes. A great opportunity to meet the heart of the Innovative of the world, in science, Agriculture, Water treatment, Medical, Energy, and many more.

Our team will arrange for you:

  • Targeted business meetings suitable for your needs

  • Meetings with officials of the Government

  • Meetings with institutes such as:
Chamber of Commerce
Export institute
Chief scientist
Hospital managers
Weizman Institute
The Agriculture Faculty
Haifa Technion
The water authority
and many more according the request and needs

  • Your visit will be accompanied with assistants of your choice 
Leading law office - having offices in Israel Beijing Shanghai and HK
Translators Hebrew - Chinese, English - Chinese
Tour guides - if you care to have some time off 
Comfortable private variable means of transportation to choose

  • Our touring company will arrange for all hotels, transportation, tours, and any other request you might have during your visit

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